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Our Story

Tribe was designed by men, for men to fit in to your self-care routine. When our careers intersected in New York City, we found something unusual in common: an appreciation for the transformative benefits of makeup -- one of us having worn it on-camera as a male model, and the other having overseen the application of it on-set while producing music videos for Grammy Award winning artists. Years removed from the “production” scene, we still ran into occasions at work and in our social lives when we thought back on the enhanced and natural look that makeup offered.  Experiencing the difficulty of finding cosmetics for men and the challenge of understanding how to use makeup and the complicated system of brushes or tools, we decided to create TRIBE to solve this problem and help educate other men on the benefits of wearing makeup.


Many men know about the benefit of using tinted cream or concealers to hide blemishes. Yet, the stigma around men wanting to enhance our looks by using makeup is real, and so is the lack of straightforward solutions in the market. While large retailers say that makeup is gender neutral, the messaging and advertisements are targeted at women. Whenever we tried to shop for makeup, we were met with specialist who did not understand our desire for something that can be applied without complicated tools or expertise in using makeup. We thought, “Why couldn’t using makeup be as simple as applying hair product?”


Enter TRIBE: makeup for men. The 3-step system for simplifying the way men can achieve a polished and handsome look, too. No special tools or expert level education needed. We created products that solve common cosmetics issues men encounter. With discreet packaging inspired by the jars already in our bathrooms, clean formulas that perform like high end traditional beauty, and none of the brushes or bullsh*t, let there now be no shame in our beautification game!

Tribe products are proudly made in America.


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