Model, entrepreneur and artist born in Belarus, and emigrated to the United States at an early age. Throughout his childhood Daniel was consumed with the arts, developing a life-long aection for classical music. “Ever since I was young, I enjoyed classical music. I listened to classics like "Canon", as well as more modern pieces, like "River Flows in You", from Twilight.” His attention to the arts extended to dance, which helped him develop a strong sense of discipline and respect for the artistic process.

Daniels goal in participating in the Tribe NY Fashion Week collaboration is to , “inspire creativity and contribute my knowledge and abilities to an ever growing world.” His work is inspired from his time living in New York, he states, “New York is considered a melting pot, not only because of the many different types of people who come here, but also from the fact that the city makes us all one collective society. If you lived in New York City, you would recognize not only the glamorous side, but also the gritty and punishing side as well.”

On contributing to breaking norms Daniel states, “Creative expressive potential comes with beauty and skincare, it should not be limited to stereotypes.