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Fresh Essentials for his Daily Routine in 2021

"Being well-groomed is a reflection of your commitment to your well-being and to those around you. This will not change. More importantly, it should not change."


Fox Business

More men than ever are now buying makeup, resulting in the male side of the industry experiencing a leap in sales, partly due to the work-from-home trend

“I was one of the presenters of a workshop on Zoom and I felt a lot more confident and able to focus on the task in hand.”


The New York Times

 Zoom is a boon for men’s grooming

“The pandemic made our faces more front and center,” said Pergrin Pervez, who launched TRIBE Cosmetics in April with his business partner Matt Rodrigues. “We realized that there is a big opportunity here for men to have a product that will help us feel more confident and look our best on camera,” he told DealBook. But women’s beauty routines can seem like “rocket science,” Mr. Rodrigues added, with “fifteen different jars and palettes and brushes.” They are pitching a simpler process, betting that “every guy wants to feel confident and established when speaking with someone else trying to close a deal.”



Videoconference Calls are Leading Men to the Makeup Counter

"Tribe helps put their best faces forward.

Most guys don't want to create elaborate, or attention-grabbing looks; they just want to look like better versions of themselves, according to Pergrin Pervez and Matthew Rodrigues, the co-founders of Tribe. "


New York Post

Men are Turning to Makeup During COVID after One-Too-Many Zoom Calls

“It’s fantastic,” added Dixon, who dropped $18 on a Tribe product named “Define Layer: Skin Fix” which he ordered online after choosing from the five different shades. “People have already started saying I look younger in my videos.”

"Ben closed a $30 million dollar deal after using TRIBE."



The Rise of Makeup for Men

"We asked people: "Would you use makeup for men? And they said 'no'".

When we change the questions around to ask: "Would you use something that could cover up some blemishes or fix some skin discoloration?" The overwhelming answer was YES"."


Yahoo! Finance 

The Newest Trend for the Corporate Executive Class? Men’s Makeup 

“When COVID restrictions began and our in-person meetings turned into video calls, it became quite clear that our faces were now front and center more than ever,” said Matt Rodrigues, cofounder of Tribe Cosmetics. 

“Recognizing the stigma surrounding cosmetics products for men,” Rodrigues launched TRIBE’s line of all-inclusive skincare products from his New York apartment during quarantine. 

“We’re all about inclusivity and the idea of Made in America,” continued the entrepreneur. “TRIBE seeks to simplify makeup. We are doing this through education and an easy three-step system using products that you apply using your fingers rather than complicated brushes, sponges and other tools.”


Guest of a Guest

How Tribe Cosmetics Is Erasing The Stigma Surrounding Men's Makeup

"In terms of inclusivity, the cosmetics industry has come a long way in the past few years. And while it took them long enough to add more shades for more skin tones, embrace beauty at all ages, and even banish the negativity surrounding acne, there still remains a lot of catching up when it comes to, well, normalizing makeup for guys.

Tribe Cosmetics is aiming to change that. Ranging from moisturizer to cover all to beard and brow enhancers, their line of male-targeted products makes it easy and accessible for men and masculine-presenting people to look and feel their best without any embarrassment."


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